Would you buy Annabelle?

In this life? NO!

People assume that you love dolls and had definitely played with one in childhood days if you’re a girl. It’s a really common assumption people make of girls and that’s okay because most of actually did grew up playing with dolls and other toys. A single girl child always found a younger sister or a friend in their dolls but I guess that’s definitely not a doll-like Annabelle.

Barbie is one of the famous dolls and we all had one during our childhood days but some of us didn’t. I am that some of us. As a child, I never really fancied playing with dolls, I never really liked them. I always found them to be creepy even though if they were cute. Neither I nor my sister was fans of dolls.

Being grown up with a lot of elder cousin brothers I was more inclined towards outdoor games. I did have a kitchen-set and a doctor set to play with but I mostly played board games like Monopoly, Chess, Chinese Checker, carrom or cards, bay-blades, and water-fight.

Our favorite outdoor games involved hide and seek, cricket, or just running barefoot in the park. As a child I did play girlie games but not much. I’m happy that I didn’t spend much of my energy on a doll which wouldn’t even talk to me instead of going out and playing with my brothers and sister seemed extreme fun, the fights, the quarrel, the chase, and the excitement, was always better than dressing up a doll.

I know some of my friends who still got their dolls hidden in their closet, but more rugged and less rosy now.

I am too scared to stay alone in my own home and I guess it totally answers the question, If I would buy the Annabelle Doll,’ The answer is a big NO! I was too timid and I still am to talk about scary things at night and I can’t even think of having an Annabelle doll by my bedside. I might just die of fear of Annabelle killing me in my dreams, or her big eyes gazing at me in the middle of the night with that wicked smile on her face.

But I remember I did have a doll, with blonde hair and blue eyes, it wasn’t a barbie just some local doll, a feet tall. Her hair was tied in two plaids, big eyes, and rosy cheeks. My sister had a separate doll that had curly hair and gree eye and. I remember that neither of us actually liked the dolls they looked creepy when they blink their eyes, and the doll had a smile on her face just like Annabelle.

I’m someone who was scared to death after watching It Chapter One, and I haven’t even for once watched movies like Conjuring, The Nun, and neither Annabelle or the like and I don’t even plan to watch it anytime in the future. I’m someone who prefers Rom-Com, Comedy, Action or Superheroes movies and it’s always a big No-No to horror movies.

The sight of Annabelle creeps me out and the thought of having it in the house will creep me to death. So in this life, I’m never ever gonna buy Annabelle or any doll.