What is the craziest thing someone has said to you?

If I slap you, will your twin feel the pain!

We all encounter people in our lives who have some very nonsensical questions served on the plates for us and when asked we just think, seriously? Trust me it annoys us all! Sadly there’s no escape but to either answer the question smartly or to question their existence. Phew!

Being twins and being a part of a joint family has been like a roller-coaster ride for me, since my childhood days. Yeah, I have a twin sister, no it won’t hurt her if you slap me or vice-versa. So, all my life to this day I do encounter a lot of people who when finds out that I have a twin sister end up asking me if they pinch me, punch me, or slap me, will my sister feel the pain. And when asked I always reply, yes she will equally feel the pain and voila, then we both have the urge to slap you back. You slap one and end up getting slapped by two!

This is just one of the most decent thing someone has asked me, the crazy is yet to come. It gets on my nerves when people learn that I’m twins and they are like, ‘oh, were you guys born on the same day? or you guys celebrate birthdays on the same day’ No, we both were born in two different decades. Which one of you is the eldest? Well, I am still looking for the answer myself, you will be the first one to know when I find out.

Who came first? When people ask me this I’m like what exactly are you gonna do after knowing it? Being a twin is like being an alien, people are always curious. The fun part comes when people start telling us that we can switch our places and go out with each others’ boyfriends. It’s like the boys are blind, they wouldn’t notice. You can always ask your sister to write an exam for you.

Has your mother ever beaten you thinking it to be your sister? FYI, she is a mother, she knows who is who, unlike you.

I remember once back in the University a classmate of mine asked me to show her my twin sister’s picture. After looking at the picture she was like, ‘OMG, you guys are so similar, followed by just that your sister is prettier and you’re not.’ Okay, thank you very much, inside me, you just said we look similar

Do you guys wear similar clothes or why don’t you guys wear similar clothes as you are twins? Yea why not and also get a tattoo on the forehead which reads ‘We’re twins.’

Once I went out with a boy, and during our conversation, he ended up saying, ‘you guys are so similar I might kiss your sister someday thinking her to be you.’ That day I realized who I’m not gonna date ever.

Well, well, well, clothes and looks aren’t all. Some people even told us to marry twin brothers and we might have twin kids of our own. And I’m always like yes, why not we might start our very own twin township.

With years I have just learned how to bear these questions patiently down my throat and with a fake smile on my face, and answer people in the most sarcastic way I could. Sometimes I do feel like telling people off but I just try to be nice because such crazy questions will keep coming in and telling everyone off is just not a good idea.

I will pen down now wondering what questions or things the readers will have to say now!