What do you do to turn a bad day around?

Happiness is a choice!

I don’t think there are such things as a bad day. No, I’m not a very optimistic person. I just believe that there are bad moments and sometimes a lot of bad moments happens in a day but it doesn’t mean that my entire day was bad. In the same way, I don’t think there are happy days too. Sometimes the happy moments are more and other times the bad moments are more. It’s just how it is. The only difference is how we deal with those situations.

So what exactly contributes to a bad day? I’m pretty sure every individual will have a different say in this. For me, I am not a morning person so a bad day starts with someone disturbing me in my sleep(yes, Mom I love you but you do that every morning).

I try to make my day better by making a cup of tea and sitting silently with my phone without anyone disturbing.

But some days it is so difficult to look at the brighter side of things when things are going from bad to worst. Like walking up late because of that extra episode which was so disappointing. Shampoos getting to your eyes, poking your eye with your mascara, finding out that you don’t have clean clothes and when you finally get a clean one it’s so wrinkled and you are already too late for work or school.

But I feel like embracing that bad day makes me feel better. It makes me feel like I am in control even though I am not.

I’m like yeah life, what have you got and my annoying colleague will come over to talk to me for hours, which makes me miss my lunch with the cute guy from the other office.

So when I am having my bad days I bury myself in my work, so that I can finish everything and get away from it. Work kind of distracts me from all my overthinking and lets me focus on things other than the fact that I am having a bad day. The truth is that the end result is very rewarding. Sometimes when I am too lazy to work, I miss the bad days where I finished writing an entire document which would have ideally taken me a day or two to finished my work.

So how to tackle that bad day depends on the intensity of that bad day. There were bad days where my bad day was fixed by a dog singing video. Some days a walk alone or with a friend and a cigarette can fix the bad day.

And other days it takes an entire bottle of Merlot to fix that bad day. So, when I am having a bad day or moment I just think about the ways to fix my day or make my day better by deciding which one of the above I need to do.

In my experience, bad days always results in an amazing ‘me time’, because I usually detach myself from other people. And ends up curled in my bed and my blankets and read a book or watch a movie. It gives me time to reflect on what went wrong in my day and by that I mean a whole lot of overthinking. On the bright side after all the overthinking I work on ‘plans’ to get better. What’s better than reflecting on yourself and working at being better, right?